Life Update and Training

I haven’t done one of my weekly training posts in a while and I apologise if you enjoyed them! I’ve missed doing them; I’ve been pretty busy lately. I’ve had some pretty exciting things come up in the last few weeks so I thought I’d catch you all up on what I’m up to.


Life Update

1. Dissertation – I am still currently writing my dissertation for my Masters (MSc) degree in Science Communication in the Media. It’s 20,000 words on “The Representation of Climate Change in David Attenborough’s Natural History Documentaries”. My previous degree was in Zoology and if you know me at all you’ll know I love David Attenborough – he is my hero and has my dream job! Anyway, my dissertation is taking up a lot of my time at the moment, so most days I’m just sat at my desk researching or writing, not very exciting I’m afraid!

2. VLM 2016 – I recently found out that I’ve got a place in the 2016 London Marathon!! I applied for a “Good For Age” place (for women 18-40 this was sub 3:45) and GOT IT! Last year there were about 38,000 people taking part and on the 24th April 2016, I will be one of them!! As you can tell by the exclamation marks and capitol letters I am VERY excited! The London Marathon was my dad’s first marathon, so it’ll be a special one.

3. Activity Trackers – If you’ve looked at my blog at all in the last few weeks you’ll know that I’ve been testing a lot of activity trackers and watches recently. I’ve been reaching out to these companies and asking to review them and I’m very lucky that so many companies have let me test them! The last one I tested, the Polar M400, was my absolute favourite so far, and I’m currently testing the Alcatel WATCH onetouch – which is more of a smart watch, but I’m loving doing it. I’m hoping to branch out into other health and fitness related products – if there are any you’d like me to review please get in touch at:

4. Tough Mudder – one of the companies I emailed for product testing is Sony – to review their SmartBand. They got back to me and said they’d love to send me one, and as they’re the smart tech sponsor for Tough Mudder, would I like to do this and test out the product this way. I said yes. I’m now both very nervous and excited to say I’ll be running the South West Tough Mudder in Cirencester on the 22nd August – if you’re doing it too please come and say hi!

5. Premium Apparel – I am very excited to announce that I have been asked to be a brand ambassador for Premium Apparel – a BRAND NEW website where you’re able to buy workout clothes from international brands. There’s more about that in my youtube video here. They’ve only got a few brands on the website at the moment, but they’ll be increasing this soon so watch this space! You can use the code: livelyel for a 5% discount on their website.


As some of you may or may now know, I’ve graduated from Kayla’s BBG (you can see my review here) and I’m now on BBG2.0. I’ve just finished week 15 and am absolutely loving it – dare I say even more than the first guide!

Monday – Spend the morning sending emails and unpacking, generally sorting out my life before another tough week of dissertation work. I managed to complete week 15 legs in the afternoon, luckily my legs had just about recovered from week 14 legs!

Tuesday – I started off my day in the library for two hours and then walked from Cardiff Uni to Cardiff Bay (just over 3KM) to meet some of my course mates for lunch. I chose to walk instead of drive because that way I’d get my LISS in. After that it was back to work for me!


Wednesday – Week 15 arms – OH MY KAYLA. My arms shook. Arms is definitely my weakest area for sure, so I sipped my BCAAs and pulled up my big girl panties and got on with it. But I was NOT happy.

Thursday – Today I managed to fit in my week 15 abs workout, because I’m going horse riding tomorrow and counting that as my LISS (that should be done today). It was a toughy, but definitely better than my arms workout yesterday – my arms are still sore!

Friday – I managed to mix up my workout today by going horse riding with my mum and sister! My mum is a good horse rider, and my sister and I never had proper lessons, so it was lovely to get on and give it a go! We did it at Ogmore Trek Farm and the whole trek lasted about 2 hours. It was hard (my bum has never been this sore!).. but I loved it!


Saturday – was contemplating having a rest day, but after spending hours staring at a computer screen I was craving some sunshine. I decided to go for a run as I hadn’t run in ages. It seems I was really craving a challenge, as my feet took me on quite a hilly 6KM run! I ended up doing it in 32 minutes so still quite happy with myself. My hammies aren’t happy with me today though…

Sunday – again, hours at the computer, researching for my dissertation. I ended up spending 5 hours watching 10 half-hour documentaries. All in all, I’d count today as a rest day, though I did complete Kayla’s BBG2.0 week 15 challenge – you have to time yourself doing some workout moves.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.12.07

So there we have my last week of workouts and my last few weeks of life! I hope I’ll find the time to continue doing these weekly posts! Keep an eye out tomorrow for my July Faves blogpost!


L x

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    1. Hahaa thank you!! If you trained for it I bet you could do it though. If you decide to try it feel free to ask any questions! There’s nothing like that finish-line feeling! 😊 x


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